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Deaf Ministry

We welcome the deaf to our church!  We currently have a rotating schedule of interpreters from Gardner-Webb University to aid our deaf members and visitors in our worship service, and are excited to serve the spiritual needs of the deaf in our community.

If you are an interpreter and would like to help us in this ministry and outreach, please contact us!

Testimonies About Our Deaf Ministry


My name is Michael McDaniel. I am 35 years old and was born deaf and use the American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate.

I have been teaching deaf Sunday School classes for 6 years. 3 years at First Baptist Church of Shelby, NC and 3 years at Patterson Springs Baptist Church, NC. I am presently teaching a deaf Sunday school class at Crestview Baptist Church, 1090 Old Boiling Springs Road, Shelby, NC 28152.

I want to welcome you to come visit my Sunday School Bible class. My classes are for all ages from high school to senior citizens. I welcome Gardner-Webb University students and Cleveland County Community College students and anyone desiring to learn more about God’s Words through the application of American Sign Language for the deaf.

Crestview Baptist Church has a nursery and classes for all ages. Crestview Baptist Church has free van transportation available in Boiling Springs, Mooresboro, and surrounding areas.

I invite you to come and study about Jesus with me. If you desire to find a church outside the Crestview family, we will help you to find a church in your neighborhood.

Thank you and God Bless!

Michael McDaniel

Hi Everybody,

I am Tara Jill Washburn and I am a young, deaf female. I have been deaf since birth and I have never heard a sound, not even in the womb. I am the only deaf person in my family. I attended the North Carolina School for the Deaf in Morganton through middle school and then with the aid of an interpreter, I graduated from Burns High School and Cleveland Community College.

I have gone to church since I was one-week-old. First with my mom as my Sunday School and Mission Friends teacher and as I got older, I had an interpreter for Sunday School and preaching but only on Sunday morning. Most of the time, I was left out of everything else that took place in the church.

God has sent me some really good interpreters in the past, but I have always had a desire to find a church where I could feel like I fit in and was part of the complete church, not just Sunday morning preaching, a few handshakes and hugs. I also had a strong desire to learn more about God’s word and a need to grow spiritually.

In October 2014, my dad passed away unexpectedly and through his death, God led me to Crestview Baptist Church. When I visit a new church, I always feel like I think immigrants must feel coming to a new country. I am a foreigner. I can’t speak your language and you don’t understand mine. My native language is ASL. Will you accept me? Will you get to know me or will you think me strange?

Crestview was the first church that I have felt comfortable in the first time that I visited. The people not only opened their arms to me, but they opened their hearts. Most important, I felt the presence of God in that church.

At Crestview, I am a part of everything that takes place at the church. I am not made to feel that I am different or that I don’t belong. I am welcome to participate in everything that is happening at Crestview. I not only attend Sunday morning Sunday School and preaching, but with the aid of a reverse interpreter, I help teach a sixth grade girls Sunday school class.

On Wednesday evenings, if I am not attending Bible study, I am helping with GA’s or helping with the youth. I love working with children and youth and I got to help with Bible School. I helped with the Fall Festival, youth yard sale, and the Greatest Treat Festival at the City Park. I have had an opportunity to meet with the WMU women and help work on mats for missionaries David and Nancy Webb to take to Nicaragua. I went with my church family to Steele Creek for a day of picnicking, tubing and water fun. I love music and singing and I have sat with the choir and signed songs. At Christmas, I participated in the Choir’s Cantata and also in the children’s Christmas program.

From December 30th-January 1st, I attended Winterfest at Liberty University with the youth. Wow! That was really an awesome experience: ice skating, snow tubing, and worshipping with Clayton King. I could really feel the Holy Spirit and I am so thankful I got to be a part of this. Now, I am looking forward to going to Gatlinburg January 22nd on a retreat with the Woman’s Missionary Union (WMU).

Before I came to Crestview, I had a need to learn more about God’s Word and to grow spiritually. Now I am doing that daily. I have made wonderful Christian friends that encourage me, pray with me, and help me.

Crestview is a loving, Praying, Spirit led Church that welcomes everybody. The church is located on 1090 Old Boiling Springs Rd, Shelby, NC. We have a Sunday School Class for the Deaf taught by a young, deaf man.

If you are looking for a church home, come visit us. If you need transportation, that can be arranged. I am excited about what God has planned for me this year at Crestview Baptist.

Come join me and let’s study God’s Word together.

In His Service,

Tara Washburn