Our Purpose >>

Following God's Commandments, Crestview Baptist will minister to each other and our community with love and generosity, teaching the Truth of His Word that each may grow in wisdom, commitment and service so that they may reach out globally to share the Hope of Christ while worshipping, glorifying and praising Him.

Our Mission >>

Because we believe that all people are loved by God equally, our mission is to help individuals find a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and a church family where everyone is welcomed and loved.

Our Beliefs >>

Our core beliefs are based on and in the Word of God, The Holy Bible, which is without error and "is inspired by God and is profitable for teaching, for rebuking, for correcting, for training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work." II Timothy 3:14-17

  • We were created by God to have a relationship with Him.
  • Our sin separates us from the Holy God that loves us.
  • Jesus, God's Son, was born to a virgin, ministered on earth, died on the cross as a sacrifice for our sins, rose from the dead and returned to the Father, where He intercedes for us daily until His return.
  • It is only through the Grace of God and Faith in Jesus Christ that we can be saved from the punishment our sin deserves and live with Him forever.

Our History >>

Crestview Baptist Church held its first worship service on Sunday, June 13, 1993. One hundred and fifty people attended this service. This group stemmed from the Prodigal Sons Sunday School class. This service resulted after twenty-five to thirty people met on June 6, 1993 to seek the will of God concerning establishing a new church. The service was held in a movie sound stage at Earl Owensby Studios on Old Boiling Springs Road. Mr. Owensby donated the use of his facilities previously used for film productions.

With the help of many people, the vacant sound stage was redecorated, a pulpit was donated, along with chairs for worship. Also, children’s furniture, books, toys and supplies were also donated for church use. Area ministers volunteered to preach during the Summer with a variety of wonderful messages. We were especially indebted to Dr. Paul Sorrells who became our unofficial shepherd during this time. We leaned heavily on him for his wisdom and guidance in starting this new work.

We grew! It wasn’t long before Tom Wright was supervising a crew of volunteers in building new Sunday School rooms. Without air conditioning, funeral home fans came in handy. After air was vented into the worship hall, it became a bit more comfortable. Nevertheless, we survived the heat.

In July we had our first baptism at Beaver Dam Baptist Church with six candidates. We had nine additional baptism services but these were in a welded baptistery built by the men of the church.

In November 1993 our first “Crestview Baby” was born. The church voted to buy a new electronic piano that is still used today. In January 1994 three men were elected as deacons and they served in that position well.

The church has had five pastors in our short history. Rev. David Jones, Rev. Rob Helton, Rev. Stan Webb, Rev. Ray Farrow and Rev. Artie Hubbard.  The church has also had five interim pastors, Rev. Joe Edwards, Rev. George Tuthill, Dr. Don Berry, Rev. David Webb and Rev. Artie Hubbard.

The members established a building fund with the goal of starting a building as soon as the fund reached $150,000. Through special projects, offerings from members and caring friends and a donation from Troy Day, Debra and Earl Ownsby of eleven acres of land on the corner of Highway 150 and Old Boiling Springs Road the church building was begun in August of 1996.

June 8, 1997, a Wednesday, the church held the first service in the new building. Many of the members gave sacrificially and worked on the actual construction. Everyone encouraged each other during the building process.

God continues to bless Crestview. In late 2004, we opened a new addition to our building, adding six new Sunday School class rooms and a larger fellowship and kitchen area. In the fall of 2014 we completed the renovation project on our metal garage/storage buildings, converting them into one building with four new classrooms, one large meeting room, the Student Ministry office, as well as restrooms and storage space.  "The Building" now houses all Teen  Sunday School Classes, Kid's Church and Wednesday Night Teen Worship.  We now have three staff positions and continue to reach people in the community through various ministries.

We ask you to continue to pray that God will always be the center of our focus and that we will continue to be a light in our community.